Landmark® PRO: Designing With Shingles

Landmark® PRO: Designing With Shingles

September 16, 20222 min read


Choosing the right shingle can be challenging, but rewarding. When you install a Landmark® PRO roof from CertainTeed, you are investing in quality. This means your roof is built to last for decades, providing both protection and a great appearance.

By understanding your product options, you can choose the right shingle style that works for your building plans. Learn more about Landmark shingles and the different design options available. 

Your Roof is a Highly-Visible Part of Your Home

8 Reasons

The first thing to keep in mind when designing with shingles is your roof’s visibility.

The roof on your home is one of the first things that visitors see when they arrive at your property. The shingles you choose will complement or contrast against your exterior paint colors.

This means the color and style selections for your home are an important part of the building process. 

Treat your roofing project as a long-term investment. Not only can a roof replacement increase your resale value, but it can also improve your curb appeal.

When it comes time to sell your home, your roof can attract interested buyers who want a safe and well-built structure. 

Start With a Few Key Colors

When you first start to look at the colors offered with our Landmark PRO shingles, you might feel overwhelmed by your choices.

Do you want to create a warm, woodland feel with Burnt Sienna, or the cool modern appearance of Silver Birch? Decide which part of the color wheel your roof should fall on and start to narrow down your options. 

As you start to make your top picks for shingle design, choose styles that match your color scheme. If you already have a color scheme in mind, you should be able to narrow down your color choices quickly.

Once you have one to two colors in mind, you can move on to the shingle style. 

Go Deeper With Max Def Colors

One of the main benefits of choosing CertainTeed for your roof construction is the quality of the shingle colors available. Max Def refers to the process we use to create brighter, more vibrant colors through our granules.

This improves your house’s exterior style and keeps your roof looking newer even after years of wear. 


Our Max Def options are enhancements to our standard shingle colors, providing a richer color palette with greater contrast between hues.

Review our color palette to choose an optimal shingle for your home design. 

Get Started With Your Shingle Design

If you’re ready to choose the right shingles for your home, check out our ColorView tool. With ColorView, you can upload a photo of your home and adjust the shingle styles available.

Use this resource to understand how your home will look, then use our Find A Pro contractor locator tool to connect with local, experienced CertainTeed-credentialed companies to begin turning your inspiration to reality! 

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