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At CBC Construction Group, customers are always our first priority. Whether you need residential or commercial roofing, we’re here to give you dependable and professional service every step of the way. From repairs to inspections to new installations, we always deliver the roofing solutions you need.

Why Trust CBC Construction Group

A Qualified Team

You don’t want just anyone working on your roof. That’s why our team at CBC Construction Group is full of qualified and honest roofers with years of industry experience. We believe that only the best is acceptable.

Dependable & Professional Service

Delivering a great product isn’t enough. Our team believes that quality customer service is essential, too. We’re available for 24/7 emergency roof repair, accurate estimates, and timely construction.

Varied Offerings

Whether you need an inspection or a whole new roof, we want to be the ones to provide it for you. No matter what you want to achieve with your home or building, consider us your roofing authority.

About CBC Construction Group Ocala

Our dedicated team provides affordable and reliable roofing options to customers throughout the Ocala area. No matter what comes up, our customers know that they can rely on CBC Construction Group to protect their home or business. We prioritize customer service above all else and guarantee excellence in every job we perform.

Whether you need an emergency roof repair, an inspection, or an entirely new roof, we promise to deliver the best roofing experience possible. Call CBC Construction Group to work with us today.

Why Partner with CBC Construction Group?

We strive to establish a deep understanding of our clients' needs, meticulously evaluate their budget, and collaboratively determine the best fit solution. With our emphasis on listening and adapting to your needs, coupled with our wealth of construction experience, we are poised to bring your roofing and exterior aspirations to fruition.

Our Reach and Reliability

Our dedicated team serves the Ocala area with affordable and reliable roofing options, earning us the trust of our clients who depend on CBC Construction Group to safeguard their homes or businesses. Our unwavering commitment to excellent customer service is evident in every job we undertake.

Ready to Meet Your Needs

Whether you require emergency roof repair, a thorough inspection, or a completely new roofing installation, we stand by our promise to deliver the finest roofing experience possible. We invite you to experience the exceptional workmanship and professionalism of CBC Construction Group firsthand. Contact us today to bring our project management expertise and in-depth construction experience to your next roofing or exterior project.

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Financing Available

Pinnacle Finance offers honest, upfront and hassle-free financing programs. Financing options we offer Same-as-Cash, Deferred Payments/Interest and Reduced Interest Rate programs. Get Pre Qualified with a soft pull on credit.

Get in touch with US today and elevate your next roofing & exterior dream

Get in touch with US today and elevate your next roofing & exterior dream


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